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Factors that influence the performance of your roof

Oct 15


Structures and roofing materials are available in many sizes and shapes. Each one has advantages and disadvantages. Regardless of the system implemented it has a number of fundamental characteristics that influence the performance of commercial and residential roofs. Because roof structures protect the inside of your building and the interior of your building, it is crucial to have a dependable system in place to guarantee its longevity. Here are some aspects that could affect the performance of your roof.

The Design of the Roof System:

The roof design can have an impact on the overall performance of a building. In some situations, especially for residential structures, the roof design is given less emphasis in an effort to simplify the building process and save money. Consider that a building's roof is a shield for the entire structure and also serves to install mechanical equipment or solar panels. Even if cheaper options are accessible, having a durable roof is crucial.


Before you submit your concept for approval, it's important to select the right roofing system. There are six major roofing options to choose from: EPDM, PVC (BUR) TPO, KEE. In making your selection take into consideration that each roofing system comes with specific characteristics and advantages, as well as drawbacks and recommended applications.

Select a reputable contractor:

A high-quality roof design necessitates an installation by a professional that conforms to the specifications of the manufacturer; finding a trained contractor is another important consideration. The lifespan of your roofing system will be shortened if it is installed incorrectly and you should anticipate regular maintenance issues, such as water leaks. To ensure that a contractor is qualified to perform the task, check their credentials as well as their previous knowledge.


The warranties offered by roof manufacturers are often limited to which only cover a tiny part of the roof. Be aware of the terms of any warranty agreement, particularly the limitations or exclusions that could invalidate the guarantee. Find out the scope of your coverage and the repair cost in the case of damage. The guarantee may be canceled if you fail to keep it in good condition.

Taking into account the number of people who walk up and down the roof:

People underestimate how much time they are spending on roofs and pedestrian movement on roofs is often ignored. This is especially true for industrial and commercial buildings, where some components and equipment are only accessible via the roof. If a roof is exposed to many people, it might get punctured, which reduces its performance substantially. You can prevent this from happening by building elevated walkways that keep foot traffic off the roof. Another preventative measure is to restrict access to maintenance staff.

Water accumulation on the roof:

Roofs are susceptible to the accumulation of water which is also known as Ponding. If it is not addressed, ponding can result in leaks, mold growth, and rotting. The ponding process can result in the roof falling down in extreme conditions.


Incorrect design, installation and maintenance are the most common causes for pondering. While precipitation is the most common source of water, condensation from mechanical equipment could also develop. Make sure your drainage system is working properly. Ponding reduces the lifespan of your roof, and can invalidate the warranty. When people step into a home the first thing they see is often the roof. Roofs are a sign that stability and beauty are important. They shield your home from rain, as well as providing years of enjoyment through their unique style. Unfortunately, though roofs aren't immune to problems like water accumulating on flat roofs because older ones do not have enough slope in their current design, which could lead to their life-span being cut short by an inch each year if left untreated

The good news is? The best news?


Temperature fluctuations can trigger the material to expand and contract which can affect roof performance. When the roof's temperature changes significantly, thermal shock or cracking could occur. Reflective coatings are utilized to reduce the overall temperature of the roof as well as to avoid temperature swings.

Blistering and Shrinkage

The roof membrane's layers could trap liquids that could cause damage. Temperatures that are high can cause the vapor to expand and push the membrane into more granular strips, causing blistering.

If the installation isn't done correctly, weather fluctuations can cause shrinkage. Shrinkage can cause cracks and folds that allow water to leak through and compromise the structural integrity of the roof. These problems can be controlled through regular inspections and maintenance.

Upkeep of the Roof:

It is vital to maintain your roof system correctly. A small issue can quickly become an issue of major importance. Instead of waiting for a leak in your roof to begin before you check it the maintenance needs to be regular and proactive. Routine inspections are a good method to detect any issues early. When the inspection is completed take care to make any repairs as soon as possible. If you have any questions regarding repairs, for example, the original installation an experienced professional will be able to answer them.

Improper Installation:

You want to make sure your roof is installed correctly so that it will last for a long time, but using a professional service who has years of experience will make sure this happens. A poorly installed roof can cause a lot of problems and more maintenance expenses than it needs to.

Do yourself a favor by calling experts to repair or install any material on the exterior for your home. There's nothing worse than being forced to repair the problem that existed before.

The roofing system you choose to use can endure physical damages and can live for a long time. Asphalt roofing is one of the most basic of types, but they still have an amazing lifespan of 25 years! This is even though certain roofs have a shorter lifespan than others. This could be due to the fact that your roof has been maintained or has been of good quality. Climate change, which sees more intense storms and rainfall, can also affect the efficiency of your roof as time passes.

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