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Ernest The Chicken OSRS Guide

Aug 2

Unlocking Ernest the Chicken is great, but it can be difficult to know what you're doing! The more information about a level that you have before getting started, the easier your time will go. I'll give some tips on how to make unlocking and playing levels even better for everyone in this OSRS quest guide.

One day, a couple was wandering in the village and they forgot their direction. The boy went into Draynor Manor to ask about where he needed to go but never came back after an hour passed by. Worried about her partner's safety, the girl asks you to help find him while she waits outside. When inside of the manor it is clear that this place is haunted! With your wit and bravery take on whatever comes at you head-on with all your might so that nothing will stand in between saving his life!

OSRS Ernest The Chicken Requirements

The main requirement is that you must have the ability to fight with Skeletons and defend yourself. You also need a spade, fish food, and potion. Easy, right?

Let's get down to business.

Ernest The Chicken Guide For Beginners

You will see a lady standing outside the gate of this large manor. Ask her what's her story and she'll tell you all about how Ernest has not come out after one hour, leaving his fiancé worried to death! Offer your help and enter through that dark gates together with them- finding an answer might be more straightforward than they think.

You enter the mansion and find Professor Oddenstein at the top of it. You ask him about Ernest. He tells you that he has changed him into a chicken; now his machine is broken and can not turn him back to human again--if only there were three items for this professor to use!

On the bookshelf, you will find a secret lever. Pull it and discover an empty room with a ladder attached to the wall on your left side that leads down into darkness.

Now, carefully understand this step because this is a formula that will help you get the recommended items.

  • Pull the lever A and B down.
  • Enter into the first door.
  • Pull the lever D down.
  • Enter into the door one again.
  • Pull the lever A and B up.
  • Enter in the third, fourth, and fifth doors.
  • Pull the lever E and F down.
  • Enter into the sixth and seventh door.
  • Pull the lever C down.
  • Enter into the six and seven.
  • Pull the lever E up.
  • Enter into the six, eight, three, and nine.
  • Pick up the oil can.

The fish food is on the second floor, so go all the way up to get it. The spade's located in a room near poison—don't forget what you need! Get as much of both before heading back down and going west for more useful items that will help with your quest.

You have to pick up all the things and walk towards the manor. You will see a fountain on your way, so make sure you use some poison for those fish! Once inside, be quick about finding that pressure gauge before anyone notices what happened outside.

After going for a walk, you find yourself at the Draynor Manor. You're not sure if it's haunted yet but there's something odd about it. Before you can get into the house though, you have to deal with that pesky Compost Heap blocking your way in! Once defeated and dug up with a spade-wielding hand of steel (or just any old shovel), an object falls from within: A key! This will come in handy later on when we need access inside this strange manor. 

The last and the easiest step in this quest guide. Give all the Old School Runescape items you collected to the professor, and he will make the machine. After this process, he will change the chicken into a man again. Now, you will get your reward.