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Should You Be Concerned With Mold Growth in a Bathroom

Jan 28

Mold can be a big problem in bathrooms because of the moist environment. As you bathe, shower, or take care of other bathroom tasks, water is constantly drying off surfaces and running down walls to go into the drain. If you do not clean up the mold growth that comes from all this moisture pretty quickly, you are likely to have some problems on your hands.

If you see mold anywhere in the bathroom—behind crevices, grout lines, under soap dishes by showers—there is a good chance there are spores growing somewhere else as well. But how soon should you investigate further? How long can mold grow without being noticed? What does it mean for your health if black mold has developed behind an inaccessible area? These are all questions for which you might find answers in the paragraphs below.

Do You Need to Hire Professional Mold Cleaners for Bathroom Mold Issues?

If there is mold anywhere in your bathroom, you should keep an eye on it and try to eliminate it as quickly as possible. The longer mold has to grow, the more likely it will be able to spread spores throughout the room—and perhaps even into other rooms if that's where they drift. When mold has had enough time to develop, visit Restoration Companies and  read through some of the articles about black mold removal  so you know how best to handle further preventative or emergency measures.

We hear this question all too often: "How long can mold grow without me noticing?" The answer actually depends on quite a bit on the size of the mold colony at any given point. There are smaller colonies that may not be growing very much in size, but if you don't take care of them they can quickly spread out and establish much larger colonies.

Is it Important to have a mold professional conduct testing for your mold growth in your home?

Another thing to keep in mind is, even though black mold doesn't always look black when it first forms, it really helps when you see it early enough so that you know when mold growth has just begun. The best way to accomplish this goal is by staying on top of your bathroom cleanliness at all times. Use fans to constantly dry surfaces after water exposure, use bleach once a week in an open area (not in confined spaces) where mold might develop, and wipe down every surface in the room twice daily.

Mold Remediation is a costly, but Necessary Service to Keep Your Family Safe

Anything you can do to get rid of mold growth before it gets out-of-hand will be helpful in the long run. You should never have a mold professional conduct testing for your home without first having them inspect the bathroom because that's usually where black mold starts. In order to prevent black mold from forming, however, all you need to do is maintain a clean bathroom and keep up with your regular cleaning schedule.