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7 Journaling Ideas To Get You Started

Dec 1

We live in momentous times! As we live our lives and experience the challenges that life has to offer the need to keep a record of our daily activities and events will assist us, and the ones who follow us, comprehend the events we have experienced. The options to record your thoughts have grown exponentially. Take a look at the suggestions below for journaling ideas and give them a try!

1. Paper Journals--A Standard Method

If you're looking for traditional journaling Use a traditional notebook or journal to write down your thoughts. Even if you only write two or three sentences at one time, your contribution can make a difference for the descendants of your family and to your own personal wellbeing.

It is also possible to include calendars, checklists of things to do newspapers, newspaper clippings, as well as excerpts from emails and letters to make it more interesting--as if it were the pages of a scrapbook! Keep any mementos from special events like tickets from shows or concerts. These mementos will not only add color to your journal as well, but also the memorabilia and a few lines about the occasion will keep your memories alive!

2. Digital Journaling An Journal On the Move

Journals don't have to be paper and pen. Thanks to smartphones and the internet, your journal will always be carried in your pocket. One benefit of keeping an electronic journal is that you can write while on the move, capturing the events that occur via your mobile smartphone or laptop.

Journaling online can be as easy as opening the document and writing your thoughts. You can add lists of lessons learned, goals as well as photos to bring your journal to life. You can also create specialized journals that concentrate on a particular subject, like an appreciation journal or travel journal.

It is important to backup and save your files frequently and print them out on occasion. These steps will stop your journal from getting lost.

Digital journal applications are available to allow users to include information about the weather and your location recordings, videos, as well as other features. Consider using goal-setting apps as well as blogs and Facebook and Twitter accounts in order to create a diary of your daily life. Have fun and be creative The possibilities of creating an online journal that is that is unique to you are limitless.



3. Geo-Journaling Where Do You Go? And What Do You Enjoy to do?

Research suggests that the younger generation tends to be more connected to their experiences than to tangible objects. If you enjoy hiking or cycle, walk or jog, you should record your experience. The idea of keeping a geo-journal can be one of the best ideas to keep a journal. It will keep you active and assist keep memories of your favorite experiences!

Experts believe that keeping track of these occasions and leaving them so that future generations can revisit can help you build more of a bond than would be created by someone reading your writing.

If your family members go to the exact places you were, listen to your stories and view your photos and photos, they'll feel an emotional connection to your story that isn't possible through any other method. It is possible to share these experiences through the social media platforms you're already using to inspire others to do the same thing you did. It is also possible to consider going back to the journeys of your ancestors and write about your experiences.



4. Photo Journals: A Photo is Worth a Thousand Words

There are numerous ways to record your photos. And it is always the most effective method is the one that is most suitable for you! Making a traditional album is one way and printing a photograph book can be another. It is also possible to create an online digital photo journal with online albums! The greatest part? Everything you need is right on your smartphone.

Digital photography allows you to keep track of the date and where a photograph was taken. It is also possible to add an additional sentence or two to describe the reason that goes behind the picture.



5. Doodle Journals: Mixing Drawings and words

If you are a fan of drawing, why don't you use your drawings as a means of journaling? Becky Christensen, a mother and grandmother who teaches in a school in Japan and loves keeping her family members up to the minute with her activities through her journal of doodles.

Draw important events that occurred during the day, create tiny comics of the things that occurred or just write out your thoughts. Whatever you choose to do create a journal that is your own and unique!

6. Web-based Journaling Journals: The Options Are Infinite

A journal doesn't need to include written words. There are plenty of methods to preserve those memories. Many which are available for free on the internet. Make your own private Pinterest board or YouTube playlist that records small moments from your day.

Do not be afraid to capture silly moments such as memes and jokes from your family! While they might not appear significant, they are vital elements of your lives that reflect your persona, your interests and the essence of what life was at the time!


7. The Journals of our Ancestors: Getting an Aspect of the Past

Do you have an ancestral journal that you've got in your possession? Explore it and be transported back to the past. Learn about the time that it was written in to comprehend the context of what was going on. It is possible that you will get ideas for your journal from the stories that your ancestors have shared!

You might consider digitizing your family's journals and include them in FamilySearch Memories to keep them safe and be able to share them with your family members.

Whatever you decide to do with journals, the main factor is to document your experiences. Oprah Winfrey once wrote, "Keeping a journal will change your life in ways that you'd never imagine." Consider one of these ideas for your journal and those who follow after you.