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Common Commercial Roofing Skylight Problems and Maintenance

Nov 26

Skylights are a great addition to any commercial building's roof. Natural sunlight can enter the space and reduce the need to use artificial lighting.

Natural sunlight can also have health benefits. This method can be used to prevent common rapid-city contractors' roof skylight problems.

Installing a skylight in a building can be challenging. Learn how to fix common problems with skylights.

Common Skylight Concerns and Issues

Dirt and dust can build up on the interior of a skylight, making it less efficient. Get one if you don't already have one.

Skylight problems can also be a problem. Skylight leaks can be found in the curb flashing which seals the skylight with its roofing material, or the skylight itself.

  • Curb Flashing Is Leaking

Roof leakages can be more frequent around curb flashing. A skylight can allow water to seep through the roof sealant and cause roof leakage.

  • Cracks and Breaks

Skylights need to withstand the elements. Skylights larger than a standard size should be made from durable materials. The CPG and glass won't fade so they can maintain their original appearance for the entire life of the skylight.

Skylight panels may sometimes become detached by extreme weather events. Incorrectly installed skylights can also cause this.

Do not wait to repair any skylight problems or leaks. This can increase your building's energy loss and cost.

Maintenance of Skylights

It is important to have your roof inspected regularly to make sure your skylights function as intended. Roof inspections can be a valuable tool in your building's maintenance program.

As water damage can be detected in flashing, your roofing contractor must inspect it for cracking and buckling. The sealant must also be checked. Sealants can crack or become brittle when exposed to sun and rain.

The building owner should be aware that condensation can build up in your skylight. Repairs to skylights are required if this happens.

Skylight Installation

Skylights can be more complicated than they seem. It is difficult to install skylights, even for the most experienced.

Pre-built skylights will require a crane to install. If the skylight isn’t installed properly, other projects may be delayed.

Your building will determine the performance criteria your skylights need to meet. These criteria include structural integrity, fire resistance, and condensation resistance.

Skylight Safety

You can take safety precautions to ensure your skylights are safe.

It is a smart idea to place guardrails, fencing, or any other protection around the skylights.